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Cat in The Box - A Podcast On Remote Viewing

Dec 22, 2019

We join our family of podcasters for our annual Holiday fandango with the boys from the Igloo, Grimerica, the one and only Micah Hanks from the Micah Hanks Program (and several others), James Cruz and Grimsteak from the Cruzin' with Steak Podcast and our Minister of Music, Sir Felix Ortega II!. 

We talk about everything under the sun from synchronicities, Sasquatch, archeology and are even graced by a few call-ins from some listeners in this live show.

Just an FYI, this isn't our normal format and the topic of RV isn't discussed. This is just conversation with our Friends to Know. Follow the links if you are so inclined. Thanks for a great 2019!


The Grimerica Show

The Micah Hanks Program

Cruzin' with Steak

Sir Felix Ortega II

Cat in the box

2019 Fandango YouTube video


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